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11 Keto Alcohol Recipes On The Ketogenic Diet

Here’s a list of keto alcohol drinks you can make on the ketogenic diet, to stay in ketosis while you’re drinking with your friends.

As you probably know, most alcoholic drinks and cocktail recipes are filled with sugar, which makes them a no-no on the ketogenic diet.

Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of 7 cocktail recipes you can drink safely while on keto, even when you’re out with friends.

1. Low Carb Sparkling White Sangria

Sangria is probably the most loved of all cocktails. And it’s no wonder why: it’s fruity, refreshing and sweet, which makes it absolutely perfect for summer.
Use this recipe to make your own keto sangria and enjoy your summer!
Net Carbs: 1g

Full recipe here.

2. Low Carb Vanilla Old Fashioned

Here’s a delicious keto twist on the cocktail that the Mad Men generation enjoyed.
In spite of its delicious vanilla flavor, this cocktail is absolutely zero carb, which makes it one of the best keto cocktails ever.
Net Carbs: 0g

Full recipe here.

3. Grapefruit Ginger Fizz (Low Carb Cocktail)

This ginger fizz cocktail is perfect for spring. It’s made with fresh grapefruit and spicy ginger, for a tasty and refreshing cocktail. You can make it with vodka or gin, according to your preferences.
Net Carbs: 2.8g

Full recipe here.

4.  Low Carb Sex On The Beach

Sex on the Beach is one of the most famous cocktails of all times, and for good reason: it is so darn tasty.
This low carb version is as delicious as the traditional one, without the bad carbs. Enjoy the flavors of cranberries, tropical fruits, and peach to have your best summer ever.
Net Carbs: 1.5g

Full recipe here.

5. Sugar-Free & Low Carb Margarita

This recipe is as close to the traditional Margarita as possible, without the bad carbs.
Net Carbs: 3g

Full recipe here.

6. The Lemon Drop Vodka Cocktail

The first thought we had when evaluating keto alcohol recipes was that there’s no way this is compliant. We were wrong!
This recipe uses BiPro Lemon Lift Protein Water, along with Truvia for the “sugar” rim and Blood Orange Devotion Vodka to create a keto cocktail that clocks in at 1 gram of carbs and 130 calories per serving.

Full recipe here.

7. Low-Carb Moscow Mule

It’s surprisingly easy to turn a Moscow Mule into a keto cocktail with only 1.5 grams of carbs per serving. You simply swap out the full-fat ginger beer for diet ginger ale, along with vodka and mint leaves. The real secret, though, is the simple ginger syrup to round out the flavor that uses a sugar substitute (in this case, Swerve).
Don’t forget the copper mugs, too!

Full recipe here.

8. Low-Carb Mexican Mule

This low-carb Mexican Mule is a lot like the Moscow version, only it swaps out the vodka for tequila. Add in some orange extract, diet ginger beer and a (seedless!) jalapeño to round out the drink.
And, like the Moscow Mule, it only has 1.5 grams of carbs per serving.

Full recipe here.

9. Kamikaze Shot

Get the party started without adding carbs with this shot. Simply swap out the Triple Sec with granulated stevia or Erythritol to give it the extra punch you’re looking for in a drink.
The best part: It only contains 2 grams of carbs for each shot!

Full recipe here.

10. Low-Carb Daiquiri

This is what keto dreams are made of.
This low-carb daiquiri makes it to the list of keto alcohol recipes because it contains the normal strawberries and rum, but swaps out the Triple Sec for orange flavoring and a bit of liquid stevia. Blend and sip in front of the pool — or at least pretend like you are!

Full recipe here.

11. Low-Carb Strawberry Lemonade Mojitos

This keto cocktail recipe is so simple that anyone can do it.
All you need is some white rum, mint and sugar-free strawberry lemonade mix to create this refreshing alcoholic drink. You can garnish with a few strawberries too — and splash in some club soda for extra fizziness.
The result? A zero-carb creation that everyone will love.

Full recipe here.

That’s it! Don’t forget to pin this article so you can come back later and prepare these delicious keto alcohol drinks!

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