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Fat Cell Killer

Eat Stop Eat

The original “2 day diet.” Learn why dieting every day will ruin your fat loss. And how a simple nutritional strategy with only ONE rule is the key to rapid fat loss and lifelong weight management.

Fat Cell Killer

The ONLY Known Protocol To Permanently KILL And Flush Away Your Fat Cells — AND Guarantee Permanent & Irreversible Fat Loss.

Rule Breaker Diet

You Deserve The Maximum Results From The Minimum Work, do the most important 20% that gets you almost all your results in a fraction of the time.

Good Belly Bad Belly 

How to protect yourself from the risk of obesity-promoting toxins created by the foods you eat. Weight loss meets healthy eating in this brand new book from Brad.


The Official Workout Companion to the Bestselling Book, Eat Stop Eat. Get the Same Results as the Pros (or Cheaters)!

Thin Air 

Exposure to high levels of a certain greenhouse gas can manifest itself as chronic fatigue, lethargy, migraines, inexplicable weight gains, irritability, exhaustion, and sleep trouble. The Thin Air, through its thoroughly researched and tested protocol, aims to relieve these symptoms in order to help people maximize their potential by taking advantage of newly found energy.

How Much Protein 

Learn the ultimate answer to how much protein YOU need to reach your goal. You may be surprised. Yet the research is clear.

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