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10 of the Best Keto Zoodle Recipes for Health and Weight Loss

Zoodles are healthy, versatile and a great alternative to pasta. They’re very easy to make too. So, it’s no surprise that they feature heavily in low-carb and keto meal plans.

In this list, we’re focusing on some of the best keto zoodle recipes – from a wide range of food bloggers.

These are all amazing recipes that you can try at home. Some of them rely on unusual flavors and ingredients to make them truly stand out. Others are fast and easy keto variations on your favorite dishes.

1. Summer Squash Zoodles with Bacon

Summer squash noodles are an excellent low carb pasta replacement!

Full recipe HERE

2. Guilt-Free Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles Pasta

We’re in love with this easy zucchini pasta recipe. There’s fresh zucchini, tomatoes, basil, parmesan, and lots of garlic. Plus, it only takes 20 minutes to make. Make this with 100% zucchini noodles or swap half of the zucchini for regular spaghetti for a heartier meal.

Full recipe HERE

3. Zucchini Noodle Alfredo

Zucchini Noodle Alfredo is the healthy answer to cravings for a decadent pasta dish. It’s creamy, cheesy, low-carb and best of all…it takes just minutes to prepare!

Full recipe HERE

4. 4 Ingredient Garlic Chicken Zoodles

Healthy low-carb spiralized zucchini noodles tossed in fragrant garlic chicken. This simple yet flavorful dish comes together in under 15 minutes with just 4 simple ingredients. 

Full recipe HERE

5. 15 Minute Garlic Shrimp Zoodles

Easy, delicious, low-carb lemon and garlic shrimp with zucchini noodles.

Full recipe HERE

6. Low Carb High Taste Zoodles

Low Carb High Taste Zoodles. Italian style spiralized zucchini noodles ready in just 15 minutes, excellent for a quick lunch or dinner.

Full recipe HERE

7. Thai Chicken Zoodles

These Thai Chicken Zoodles are another fun zoodles option. The finished dish reminds me a little bit of fried noodles, which seems to be what the creators were going for too. The combination of ingredients works extremely well. It’s a perfect dish if you find that other zoodle recipes are a little too conventional or dull.

Full recipe HERE

8. Creamy Salsa Chicken Zoodles

Cream cheese, salsa, and other south of the border ingredients come together to make a creamy sauce with great Tex-Mex flavor. Just toss cooked chicken and zoodles in it and you've got a great, quick meal in less than 10 minutes.

Full recipe HERE

9. Pressure Cooker 'Cheesy' Chicken & Zoodles

This Pressure Cooker 'Cheesy' Chicken & Zoodles recipe is a little unusual – simply because it relies on a pressure cooker. The zoodles themselves aren’t cooked in that way but the many of the other ingredients are. The end result is a comforting dish that suits anyone on a low-carb, keto, AIP, Whole30 or a paleo diet.

Full recipe HERE

10. Creamy Pesto Shrimp and Zoodles

If you enjoy shrimp, check out this Creamy Pesto Shrimp and Zoodles recipe. It’s another option that simply looks stunning in the pan and isn’t hard to create either. The recipe relies on dairy-free pesto, making the meal suitable for many different diets. You could use that same pesto for other recipes too, if you felt like it.

Full recipe HERE

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