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14 Amazing Keto Bagel Recipes That Will Keep You In Ketosis

One of my favorite breakfast or brunch go-to meals would have to be bagels! It’s so versatile and can be paired with just about anything, may it be with your favorite sweet jam or savory bacon and eggs. But of course, since they have such a massive amount of carbs, I found it difficult finding the keto-friendly bagels in the supermarket. That’s when I decided to make my own, which was actually pretty quick and easy to do!

If you’re also on the keto diet hankering for some warm bagels, read on as I show you the top 14 keto low-carb bagel recipes you can try out.

1. Keto Everything Bagels Paleo

Low-carb keto everything bagels made with almond flour are so easy to bake! This grain-free bagel recipe is paleo-friendly.

Full recipe HERE

2. Keto Bagels Recipe (Fathead Dough)

An easy low carb keto bagels recipe with fathead dough which results in perfect keto bagels every time. Have bagels ready in minutes for your next breakfast or lunch.

Full recipe HERE

3. Chewy Keto Bagels

Truly chewy keto bagels - you want them and I've got them! These bagels are low carb, nut-free, and take only 5 ingredients to make. Easy and delicious, they will take your healthy breakfast to a whole new level. 

Full recipe HERE

4. Soft ‘N Chewy Bagels (With Yeast!)

In search for a dairy free alternative to fathead dough?! Look no further than these gluten free, paleo and keto bagels! Soft, chewy and with a killer taste (i.e. no eggy or cheesy business here!).

Oh, and if baking with cups rather than grams is your thing, just click on US Cups for an instant conversion.

Full recipe HERE

5. Easy Keto Bagels Recipe

These keto bagels use baking powder to give them some rise.

Another variation of the fat head dough, these are great for more savory applications.

Pizza Bagels, anyone??

Full recipe HERE

6. Coconut Flour Fat Head Dough Bagels

These bagels use the fat head dough with coconut flour instead of almond flour.

Which makes these guys perfect for a sweeter application.

I like to add dried sour cherries and some cinnamon along with a little granulated sweetener to this recipe for a special treat.

Full recipe HERE

7. Blueberry Cheesecake Keto Bagels

Oh, y'all!

These blueberry keto bagels are wonders to behold!

They smell so much like blueberry muffins while they are baking.

I try to let them cool off before I slice them and slather the butter all over them, but it's truly a losing battle most days!

These are great little dessert bagels too, if you want something sweet after a meal.

Full recipe HERE

8. Rosemary Keto Bagels

I just love the addition of rosemary to these bagels!

It brings a freshness and savory-ness that is really different!

Fill these babies with some prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes for a fabulous breakfast or lunch sandwich.

Full recipe HERE

9. Sweet n’ Savory Keto Bagels

Chewy keto bagels made two ways! 4 net carbs per bagel! Lower calories and no added cream cheese! Plus a recipe for brown sugar cinnamon butter!

Full recipe HERE

10. Tasty Keto Bagels

I am in love with the simplicity of this recipe. It isn’t only easy to do but it’s filled with flavor thanks to the cream cheese and mozzarella inside it. It’s way better than your typical plain bagel and still has the fluffy and filling consistency. Have it alone or pair it with even more cream cheese!

Full recipe HERE

11. Low-Carb Bagels with Fathead Dough

Yes, you only need FIVE ingredients to make these decadent bagels! Add the secret sixth ingredient (oat fiber) to improve the bagel’s consistency and add a crunch, making it even more bread-like. Since you only need six ingredients, it’s very easy to make with different methods to do it, depending on the equipment you have.

Full recipe HERE

12. Coconut Flour Fathead Dough Bagels

Instead of using the usual almond flour for keto bagels, we use coconut flour, which gives it a unique consistency and slightly sweet flavor to pair with the sharp flavor of cheese. It has the perfect balance of flavors and tastes as buttery as it looks, which makes it a personal favorite of mine.

Full recipe HERE

13. Avocado Egg Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

If you want the complete meal for breakfast or brunch, then you’ll love this breakfast bagel sandwich to start the day. It’s a healthy sandwich with avocado, egg, and a bit of sriracha for a kick! Easy to do and very creamy, you’ll want to have another one or two!

Full recipe HERE

14. The Best Low-Carb Bagels

Last but not the least, this definitely is one of the best low-carb bagel recipes available. With such an excellent texture and with all the flavors from a traditional bagel, you won’t even taste the difference. Plus, it’s filled with seasonings that make these bagels burst with flavor.

Full recipe HERE

And there you go!
I hope you found something there to whet your appetite.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m gonna roll on over to the pantry and pop one of those keto bagels into the toaster. 🙂

Peace, love, and keto everything bagels!

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