The 6 Best Blenders 2022

The 6 Best Blenders 2022

Although blenders are often associated with smoothie making, they're versatile and handy tools in any chef's kitchen. An immersion blender, for example, is well-suited for blending hot food directly in your pot to make soup. In comparison, a personal blender can be a good choice for those looking to take their single-serve blends with them on the go. Finally, full-size blenders can hold much more food than other types of blenders, so they're generally more suitable for large families or professional use. Some even come with additional attachments, like a food processor, which allows you to make coarser chopped food like salsa or knead bread dough.

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6. Vitamix A2500

The best full-size blender that we've tested is the Vitamix A2500. This very well-built blender has a dial with 10 speed settings and three preset modes, including 'Smoothie' and 'Ηot Soup'. The 64-ounce main jar has a two-part lid, which allows you to use the tamper or add ingredients mid-blend.

Its very versatile performance makes it a superb choice for multi-purpose use. You can use it to make snow-like crushed ice, smooth, spreadable almond butter, and amazing smoothies. It can also blend hot ingredients for recipes like soups or sauces. Even after making something sticky like almond butter, it's very easy to clean by hand by running it with soap and water in the jar. Its 10-year U.S. warranty is much longer than most blenders we've tested, although it may not apply depending on where you live and where you buy your blender.

Unfortunately, the digital timer acts as a stopwatch and displays how long you've been blending rather than stopping the machine after a set period. Also, unlike many full-size blenders, it doesn't come with any extra attachments like a food processing bowl or personal jars. Ηowever, you can purchase extras like personal jars from Vitamix, and it also works with a companion app that gives you access to more presets.

5. Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ BL642

The Ninja Βlender Duo with Auto-iQ ΒL642 is the best smoothie blender we've tested. This full-size blender is impressively well-built and well-suited for making single-serve smoothies. It comes with three personal jars with resealable lids, so you can easily blend a drink and take it with you to-go.

You can use the personal jars to make silky, well-blended smoothies with ingredients like kale or frozen fruits. It automatically detects what size of jar you're using and has preset programs for automatic blending, like 'Ultra-blend' for recipes with tough ingredients like greens or seeds. In the 72-ounce jar, it can make okay smoothies and snow-like crushed ice for frozen drinks.

Unfortunately, the motor base is quite bulky, which may not be ideal if you only use your blender to make smoothies for one or have limited counter space. It's also quite loud when it's running. That said, if you want the versatility of a full-size model, it's a great option for blending up single-serve smoothies.

4. Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO

The best personal blender we've tested is the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO. This personal blender has a good build quality and a relatively short motor base, so it's easy to fit under a kitchen cabinet on your counter or store on a shelf. Its pair of 24-ounce personal jars are a good size for making smoothies, and each comes with a to-go lid.

It can incorporate tough ingredients like kale into silky smoothies, meaning it's well-suited for making smoothies with frozen fruit. It also comes with a 14-ounce 'Power Nutri Βowl' with rotating arms inside of it that help push ingredients towards the blades. You can use it to make very smooth, spreadable almond butter. This blender can also produce snow-like crushed ice for frozen drinks or to add to cocktails.

Unfortunately, while it's usually easy to clean, the very sharp blades can be dangerous if washing them by hand. It's also very loud when it's running. Ηowever, unlike many personal blenders, it has a few timed programs, so you don't need to stand by the blender the whole time you're using it.

3. NutriBullet Immersion Blender

The NutriBullet Immersion Blender is the best immersion blender that we've tested. This budget-friendly model has a long blending shaft that you can use to blend hot ingredients directly in a pot or pan. It has a variable speed dial on its handle and has a faster maximum speed than most hand blenders we've tested.

It's decently well-built and can incorporate raw kale and frozen banana chunks into a good smoothie. It does an adequate job of making almond butter, and you can use it to make crushed ice with an okay texture. The blending shaft is detachable, making it easier to store and clean, and it's usually easy to rinse clean.

Unfortunately, it's not ideal if you need to make a lot of crushed ice since ice tends to build up behind the blades. It's not dishwasher-safe and doesn't come with a jar or beaker. It comes with a whisk attachment intended for making foods like whipped cream.

2. KitchenAid K400

The KitchenAid K400 is the best kitchen blender under $200 that we've tested. This full-size blender offers excellent build quality, a versatile performance, and comes at a cheaper price than most premium blenders. You can use it to blend hot ingredients for recipes like soups and sauces.

It has a dial with a wide range of speed settings, including 22 speed options, so you can fine-tune the blending to suit your recipe. It comes with a 56-ounce main jar that you can use to make smooth, spreadable almond butter, bar quality crushed ice, and great smoothies. It's easy to clean by hand when you're working with liquidy ingredients, and while it can be a bit trickier if you make something like almond butter, the jar, lid, and blades are all dishwasher-safe.

Unfortunately, it lacks a few features that you might look for in a full-size blender, like preset modes for automatic blending and a tamper so you can stir your recipe without stopping the machine. It also doesn't come with any personal-size jars to help with making single-serve smoothies. That said, if you're looking for a versatile, sturdy full-size blender that isn't too pricey, it's worth considering.

1. Oster Pro 1200

The best budget blender we've tested is the Oster Pro 1200. This model is small for a full-size blender, which is nice if you have limited counter space. It comes with a 48-ounce main jar made of glass, which some may prefer over plastic, along with a 24-ounce plastic jar for single serves.

It has buttons for three speed settings and some automatic programs, including 'Smoothie', 'Green Smoothie', and 'Food Chop/Salsa'. It also delivers a versatile performance since you can process hot ingredients, make smooth almond butter, and crush ice in the main jar. The smaller personal jar produces good, well-blended smoothies even if you include fibrous ingredients like kale.

Unfortunately, it has a mediocre build quality, and the gear design especially isn't very durable. The blade assembly also feels loose. That said, if you want a budget-friendly blender that can do a bit of almost everything, it's a versatile option with some helpful features.

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best kitchen blenders for most people. We factor in the price, feedback from our visitors, and availability.

If you'd like to do the work of choosing yourself, here's the list of all our blender reviews. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no blender is perfect for every use, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.