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Stainless steel keychain brass car buckle waist hanging personality pure handmade bird keychain


♦ This is a 100% handcrafted wire wrap keychain, each piece is different. Materials are brass wire and stainless steel wire.

♦ The keychain is made of a whole stainless steel wire (yellow is brass wire), with a diameter of 2.0 mm and the whole is handcrafted and meticulously made, does not rust, and the more it is used, the brighter it becomes.

♦ Each keychain is hand-made with excellent craftsmanship, selected materials, and original design is completed with a whole wire, no splicing, no welding

♦ It can be matched with accessories of different styles for more charm, and each accessory has different functions and meanings

♦ For car key decoration or for family, lover, friends, make your gift unique.